/Ik'spreSFn/ noun
1 WORDS (C) a word or group of words with a particular meaning: The expression `in the family way' means `pregnant'. | pardon/forgive/excuse the expression (=used when you have used a word that you think may offend someone): He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground if you'll pardon the expression.
2 ON SB'S FACE (C) a look on someone's face that shows what they are thinking or feeling: a thoughtful expression | an expression of surprise/fear/amusement: Petra looked at her plate with an expression of disgust.
3 SAY/WRITE (C, U) something you say or write that shows what you think or feel: an expression of sympathy/thanks etc: Mrs Mayer received their expressions of sympathy with great dignity. | give expression to sth: The minister gave expression to his anger in an attack on the government last night. | freedom of expression (=the right to express your opinions freely)
4 ACTIONS/BEHAVIOUR (C, U) something you do or make that shows what you think or feel
(+ of): The recent strikes are an expression of the worker's discontent. | give expression to: John gave expression to his love of nature in his paintings. | find expression: Pam's latent artistic talents found their expression in music.
5 EVENTS (C, U) the way in which feelings and ideas are shown in particular events: find expression in sth: The fiscal crisis has found its clearest expression in the poverty of the inner cities.
6 MUSIC (U) the quality of singing or playing a musical instrument with feeling: Try to put a bit more expression into the slow passage.
7 MATHEMATICS (C) technical a sign or group of signs that show a mathematical idea in a particular form: x y' + 4 is an algebraic expression

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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